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Elite is a game mode unique to Shootmania Storm, featuring two teams of three players, playing in a 1v3 format in any given round. It has a basic attack/defend structure, with the goals being to either capture or defend a point, or to eliminate the player(s) on the other team. It has a generally more competitive feel to it, compared to other game modes, such as Battle and Joust, and hence it is more popular among higher level players. It can not be accessed through the default Shootmania Storm title, so to play you must add a new title with the Elite game mode. A guide on how to do this can be found on the titles page.




A game in Elite mode is played in a series of short rounds, of a maximum of one minute each. The two teams of three will take turns to either attack or defend. For the attacking team, only one player from the team will play, and they will have 3 armour points, and a laser. For the defending team, all three will be playing, with 1 armour point each, and a rocket launcher with 4 shots. The objective for the solo attacker is to either eliminate the entire defending team, or to capture a point, while the defending team's objective is either to eliminate the attacker or to stop the point being captured.

The attacker has 45 seconds before they are able to capture the point, and then 15 seconds in which to do so. This takes between one and two seconds. The full capture must take place within the one minute time limit, so an attacker reaching the point with one second to spare will mean that they will not be able to take the point in time.

A game is won when a team wins 6 rounds, and has a clear lead of 2. Therefore, if the score reaches 5-5, then a team will not win at 6-5, but will have to reach 7-5 or higher to win the game. Similarly, 4-2 will not be a win, because neither team has won 6 rounds. However, once a team reaches 20 points, then they automatically win, even if the score is 19-20. This is a very rare occurrence, however, as one team will usually have won by that point.

Elite maps are designed to give the attacking player multiple routes, because of both the projectile-based nature of the defenders' rocket launchers lends nicely to rocket spam, helping to block off choke-points, and the advantage in numbers that the defending team has. The defending team tends to have a base advantage for these reasons, hence victory in a game of Elite often comes down to the number of attacking rounds won by the teams.


As opposed to having 3 players on both teams in the standard version of Elite, Free mode means that there are 1 to 3 players on a team, and they can come and go as they please. Instead of pausing the game until both teams have all three players, the game will continue, but the attacker will only have as many armour points as there are defenders. This mode is more friendly to individual players as opposed to teams, because it greatly reduces the time spent waiting around if someone leaves.

King of the Map

This mode requires there to be more than the usual 6 players in the server. When a team of 3 players wins 3 matches, the map will change, and the game will restart. However, the losing team will be replaced by a team that is waiting to play, so the winning team will stay on in a king-of-the-hill style format.


Elite mode is generally in favour of the defending side because they have more players, and therefore more capability for damage onto an attacker. Also, the rocket launcher is much easier to use at close range. This means that attackers will do better if they do not allow defenders to get too close, which can be done both by moving to a different area if defenders try to close in, or quickly using the railgun to eliminate a player that gets too close. It rarely makes sense for the attacker to go to the point near the start of a round, because they will have to run past most or all of the defenders. Therefore attackers will usually play rather defensively, and only start trying to get to the point with between 10-20 seconds until it becomes available for capture.

Defenders have an advantage of being able to use their rocket launcher for the purpose of projectile spam. Defenders are advised to use this through choke-points and near corners, but they should make sure they don't use more than a couple of rockets for this, because it could leave them unarmed if the attacker shows up after the spam. At most times, defenders should try and keep behind cover, and only make themselves visible to the attacker for a split second in order to fire their rockets. They can also do very well in close quarters with the attacker. This works best when the defending team coordinates to all get close to the attacker at once. The ping tool (CTRL) is invaluable for any team, whether they are using voice chat or not. When you have a chance, always try and ping the location of the attacking player.


Main article: List of Maps

Name Picture Description
ArchWays Archways.png Separated into two main sections either side of a pair of large arches, and a tunnel in between. The point is on top of a hill behind the defenders' spawn.
Collided Collided.png
CrossRoads Crossroads.png A large central hill with laser platforms on top. The attacker can choose to either run around on either side or attempt to jump up on to the highground. The point is in an enclosed area on the opposite side of the map from the attacking spawn with ways in from three sides, above, and below.
Fortress Fortress.png
JumpToFrag Jumptofrag.png A lot of height with many cliffs and jump pads, the attacker starts at the bottom of a valley and has to work their way upwards to get to the point. The point is just in front of the defending spawn.
LeapOfFaith Leapoffaith.png The attacker starts at the bottom of a cliff and takes a jump pad up to the top. With tunnels and a jump pad to the top of the point, this map is often rather fast.
SolarFlare Solarflare.png Is large and open with several long, alternate routes to the point, which is in the middle of the central structure.
TheCastle Thecastle.png Fairly enclosed. It is a roughly square map, with a good balance between cover and long sight lines.
WatchYourBack Watchyourback.png

Update History

25 July 2012 Patch

  • Added Free and King of the Map game mode variations
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